Computer Centre

Computer Centre

The Computer Centre is a Central Facility of the College maintained under the department of CSE. Its objective is to provide cutting edge hardware, software and networking support for the growth and development of college Academics, Administration, Examinations and Research related activities. It has been the epicenter of all network and application needs of the College since its inception managing the core IT infrastructure.
The computer laboratories are being upgraded from time to time to provide the best computational infrastructure.

Objectives of Computer Centre:

  • To coordinate and extend hardware & networking support to all the 8 academic departments, Examination branch, Admin office, Central library, hostels, and other central facilities
  • To be a single point of Hardware support for designing, procuring, installing, interfacing, troubleshooting, and maintaining of IT devices and peripherals
  • To be a consultancy for all CSE related projects including software, hardware, networking, digitization, archiving, web enabling, data integration, data mining, e-governance, e-learning, etc.
  • To develop, configure and implement necessary software for different office and examination activities with a view to improve productivity, reduce expenses, increase transparency and extend anywhere and anytime working
  • To provide complete web services, support for online activities, site hosting, online learning, online examinations
  • To provide support for open-source technologies and implementations and to encourage their use in the college activities
  • To conduct training programs in the fields of hardware, software, and networking usage and management
  • To conduct academic and placements related online examinations
  • It maintains exclusively two computer labs for Internet browsing for students and staff, one server room, one control room and one maintenance room for networking
  • It acts as the hub for ICT related activities.

The infrastructure of the Computer Centre:

  • 1.2 GBPS Fiber optic cable network of 3.5 km connecting all the building blocks of VCE
  • Wired and Wi-Fi equipment of 100+ Hub racks, 200+ network switches, 70+ routers etc.11 Servers hosting different applications which provide the computational environment
  • The Internet Facility is powered by dedicated leased lines of 1200 MBPS ( 1000 MBPS from INet Fiber Ltd and 200 MBPS from Reliance Jio InfoCom Ltd)
  • Cooling equipment of 100+ Air conditioners to cool 2044 computers in labs and admin rooms
  • ICT equipment of 50+ multimedia projectors, 10+ Public Address Systems, 9 Sound mixers etc.
  • 25+ Biometric Finger-Print, Face Recognition, Aadhaar Enabled Attendance System and Access card equipment
  • 50+ Fire protection and safety equipment. 300+ CC Cameras surveillance equipment

Power Backup at Computer Center:

  • Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) – 375 KVA with 60 Mts backup
  • 677.5 KVA Diesel Green Generator Set

E-Mail Facility:

The students and staff members have been assigned email IDs through Microsoft 365 education service.

Internet Facility lab:

  • This lab is operated with 100 desktop computers.
  • This is the central facility and is available for students and staff members of the college.
  • Internet facility is available through broadband 100 Mbps.
  • It provides single hop access to the internet gateway.
  • The LAN is extended to all departments including administrative building using 3.5 km long fiber optic backbone.

Documentation Facility:

  • The Computer Centre also houses printers and scanners for the purposes of documentation and backup.