The college has a book bank, which provides text books to the poor and meritorious students for the whole year on payment of a nominal amount. The books are provided as per the following rules:

1. The book bank is for the benefit of the students of this college.

2. Books priced below Rs. 5/- or above Rs. 50/- will normally not be purchased in the book bank.

3. The student shall have to pay 1% of the price of the book issued to him/ her as membership fee.

4. Depending on availability, 2 to 10 books can be issued to a member.

5. Students from poor category will receive first priority in issuing books from the book bank.

6. An affidavit of the guardian along with a certificate given by the gram pradhan or sector warden will be considered sufficient proof of the guardian’s income.

7. The order of priority for issuing books from the book bank shall be scheduled caste and backward caste students followed by wards of martyred soldiers, retired soldiers and primary teachers.

8. Results of the previous year’s exam shall also be considered.

9. 75% of the cost of the books will have to be deposited by the student in the college office and the receipt so obtained will have to the shown to the book bank clerk to get the books. After the exams, when the books will be returned, the money deposited by the students will be refunded to them after deducting the membership fee.

10. Books will be given for one academic session only. All books will have to be returned within two weeks after the exams are over. If this is not done, the student’s result will be withheld and the transfer certificate will not be issued until the student deposits the books as well as the fine imposed.

11. At the time of return of books, if the books are found to be torn, mutilated or spoiled in any manner then the book will be returned to the students and the cost of the books will be realized from him/ her.

12. The safety of the books will be the responsibility of the student. Tears or existing damage in books should be brought to the notice of the concerned person before receiving them.

13. When purchasing books, preference will be given to books that will remain relevant for the next 3 to 5 years.

14. Notes, keys or questions- answer type books will not be purchased.

15. The cost of the application form to be a member of book bank is Rs. 1/-.

16. In the event of any dispute, the decision of the principal shall be final and binding on the student member.