The MCA program seeks to prepare participants for high level careers in the ever expanding field of Computer Applications. It comprises a comprehensive and integrated sequence of courses aiming to develop knowledge and skills in all areas of Computer Applications. Realizing the importance of multinational companies eyeing India as the bastion for software production, the Department objective is to train the students in both theory and practice on one side and in software and hardware development on the other side, so that they become competent software and hardware professionals. It believes in academic excellence through value based education, which is conducive to boost the inherent capabilities and confidence of the students to take up the challenges of the rapidly changing world. The department has organized various workshops in collaboration with the industry to keep abreast with the latest updates and conducted lecture series by eminent personalities from the industry and academia.

About course:


The Department of MCA at Gandhi institute For education and technology aims to inculcate value-based, socially committed professionalism in the students to the cause of overall development .


The Department of MCA has a Multi-objective mission:

  • To enable students acquire good academic and computational skills and devotion to scientific and technical knowledge.
  • To inculcate the values of perseverance, sincerity and honesty.
  • To empower them to become socially and economically responsible citizens of this country.

Department (POs)

Breadth: Knowledge of wide-ranging Computer Science concepts, tools, and mathematical techniques or models, and the capability of applying them to analyze and design complex systems.
Depth: In-Depth understanding of fundamental theoretical and practical aspects of Computer Science, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing and challenging global work environment of the 21st century.
Reasoning: Capability of solving a wide variety of scientific and analytical problems by applying principles of computational paradigms.
Teamwork: Habits of working effectively and professionally on diverse project ideas and teams.
Clarity: Ability to communicate technical information clearly and effectively, both speaking and in writing.
Integrity: Understanding how to approach social effects of computing ethically and responsibly, and being committed to doing so.
Learning: Interest in life-long learning, to adapt and shape an technically evolving world.
Openness: Ability to participate in interdisciplinary collaborations and apply computational methods in new and unfamiliar application domains.


This department envisages to provide an academically strong platform for the aspirants those who not only want to make a good metier but also to leave an enduring impression in the field of Computer Science. The educational program in Computer Application calls for an attitude for research, exploration and evaluation to authenticate the work of development of softwares.

Short Term Goals:

  • To include ethical, moral and value based education system in the institution.
  • To improve the students’ academic performances to achieve 100% results.
  • To improve campus placements.
  • To improve teaching expertise among department faculty.
  • To develop product development facilities in the department.

Long Term Goals:

  • To encourage faculty to indulge in research activities.
  • To support/encourage students to become entrepreneurs.
  • To encourage faculty to do consultancy activities on IT related products/services.

Scope of a Post Graduate in Computer Application:

After being a post graduate in computer science stream the multifarious opportunities are likely to be explored for becoming a leading professional.

  • Associate Software Engineer, IT Analyst, Software Consultant, Software Designer, Jr. Programmer Analyst etc.
  • Web Designing and Development, Open source Application Developer, Search Engine Optimization.
  • DBA, Data Mining Analyst, Data Visualization Software Engineer, Data Analyst (Reporting/Analytics), Data Scientist – (Data Mining/Big Data, NLP, Sentiment Analysis, Social Media), Database Engineer.
  • Data Visualization Software Engineer, Data Warehouse Analyst, Data warehousing data specialist, Application Architect: Business Intelligence, Application Developer: Microsoft BI, Datawarehouse Data Modeler, Business Intelligence (BI) Consultant.
  • Performance Test Engineer, Software Engineer Manual Testing, Automation Testing, Java Script Developer.
  • Application Support Engineer, IT Infrastructure Support Engineer.
  • Certified SAP Freshers – ABAP / CO / PM / MM.
  • Web & Graphic Designer, UI Designer, Web Application Designer, Web Designer cum Developer.
  • PHP Programmer cum Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Associate Graphics, Web & UI/UX Designer.
  • Graphics Designer, Web Designer/HTML, JSS, Photoshop, Flash Designer.
  • Radio Network Design Engineer, Network Support Engineer, Telecom Network Engineer.
  • Network Security Engineer, Engineer- Network Automation Testing, Network Security & System Administrator
  • SEO Analyst, Associate Business Systems Analyst, Junior Research Analyst, Junior QA Analyst,
  • Open VMS Developer, Open GL Developer, PHP Developer, Software Engineer (PHP), Open Source JAVA Developer, Content Manager/Writer/Editor.