Skill Development Centre

Skill Development Centre

R&D Cell

Gandhi Institute of Education and Technology(GIET) has promoted meaningful Research and Development activities with a vision and mission to pursue and promote Research in Frontier Technologies. In order to strengthen and expand the research activities in the institute, R&D cell was established and is functioning in this Institution from last several years. It is acting as the nodal centre for all Research related activities.

IIC Cell

Gandhi Institute for Education and Technology(GIET) is an active member of MHRD’s Innovation Cell (MIC). The institute has active Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) to create a vibrant local innovation ecosystem,start-up supporting mechanism, and to develop better cognitive ability for technology students.GIET has achieved Three point Five Star Rating in Eastern Regional Office of AICTE in IIC 2.0.

Incubation Center

Gandhi Institute for Education and Technology(GIET) is an initiative supported by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise, Government of India. GIET aims to nurture technology and knowledge based entrepreneur’s right from ideation stage to starting a business venture. The incubation facility at GIET will focus(not limited to) on working with the start-ups in various areas.

Seminar and Conferences

Gandhi Institute for Education and Technologies(GIET) conducts National and International Level Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Symposiums and other important academic events every year. It gives an opportunity to our Faculties,Researchers and students to interact with other University all over the world and share their views and technical knowledge.


Gandhi Institute for Education and Technology(GIET) a vast experience of imparting skill development and employment oriented courses through various levels of EduSkills Sponsored qualification packs. The institute started its employment oriented courses training since 2002 in industrial application modules of various engineering streams like VLSI design engineer, Physical design engineer, embedded software engineer, CAD CAM engineer, Lathe and CNC, Industrial Automation, Mechatronics, Solar PV design engineer &Soft skill programs etc. The institute have the state of art laboratories and specialized CoEs utilized on this purpose &various companies place the trained students across the country.

The institute as its corporate social responsibility (CSR), has been running another employment oriented program (EOP) for the down trodden and school/college drop outs from south Odisha districts.

The candidates shortlisted in priority of low of income and merit are offered with a range of self-employable course modules on Basic Computer Skill, Date Entry Operator, Electronics Repair & Maintenance, Repair of Electrical Appliances, Computer Repair and Maintenance, Workshop Practice, Solar PV Technician.

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Eduskill-ISTE Industry Center

EduSkills is a Non-profit organization which enables Industry 4.0 ready digital workforce in India. Our vision is to fill the gap between Academia and Industry by ensuring world class curriculum access to our faculties and students.We want to completely disrupt the teaching methodologies and ICT based education system in India.

We want to completely disrupt the teaching methodologies and ICT based education system in India. We work closely with all the important stakeholders in the ecosystem Students, Faculties, Education Institutions and Central/State Governments by bringing them together through our skilling interventions.

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